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What is the real name of starlagurl?

The real name of the model is starlagurl.

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starlagurl has a total of 21,859 followers.

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About Me:

****carpeliam21 I owe you some boobies!***
****jamie1976uk I owe you a bumbum flash!****

Are you anonymous? Sign up for a real account here, you goddamn coward

Buy my cotton underwears!!! 1500 tokens!!

This is a "no pressure" room. I will never beg or plead for tokens. I'm not desperate for money. I am here for fun and friendship, and if you'd like to tip, it's well appreciated. I have a "real" career and camming supplements my income.

This is a feminist and atheist room.

I probably live far away from you. PLEASE don't tell me good morning etc. before you know what my actual time zone is.

The world does not operate on Eastern Standard Time. It also doesn't operate on anything other than metric. So no using Fahrenheit, feet, miles inches or pounds!

The room hierarchy goes like this
Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic: starlagurl
RECORD KEEPER: lucky1_one
ROYAL CADDY: iamtoplease420
ROYAL CAT: infocat13


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You are being a donkey if you...
use annoying text speak like "bb" or "hru"
post annoying animated gifs
tell me to do something without offering a tip
speak a language other than English or French
ask me to "PM" you
are fishing for penis compliments
complain about me
call me some sort of degrading slang term such as "milf"
ask permission to do something e.g. "Can I ask a question?"
belittle me or generally behave in a condescending or insincere manner
use the word "baby", "babe", "cunt", "jugs", "rack", "tits", "titties" "tatties" "cans" "tatas", "teats", "melons"or "slime" (???)

Ejaculating is inherently unsexy. I do not want to "watch you cum for me" unless you give me something in return.

I would appreciate 20 tokens if you want me to watch you masturbate.

I do not show anyone where my poop comes out. Buttholes are also not sexy.

My cammiversary is Dec. 2, 2013, mark it on your calendar, come back and celebrate! This year, it'll be ten wondrous years!

*****Please read the story of Alexander Hitzemann, a horrible person*****

You are all Alex until proven innocent.

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Please read the story of Alexander Hitzemann, a horrible person:

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